Sunday, September 27, 2009

long time, no shoes

The other day, I've did something I haven't done since I was a teenager...I bought a pair of black shoes. Yes, believe it or not, black shoes.

Many years ago, I won a free color consultation at a bridal fair. Remember the color seasons? Well yes, the color suggestions worked for me. I cleaned out my closets, no more black or stark-raving white. The color guide simplified shopping for clothes, everything in my wardrobe mixed and matched. The only piece of clothing that I kept that did not fit in my colors was my favorite black lace cocktail dress and a pair of black pumps.

In fact, a few years after the consultation I wore it to a black and white wedding. In a photo of the bride and me, I looked washed out and about ten years older. I never wore that dress again.

It's amazing how the fashion industry has people convinced that black is a neutral and anyone can wear it. For fair people with light hair and eyes, black is a real killer. In fact, for most people over 20 and under 90, black adds at least ten years.

However, the other thing that I cannot understand is the propensity of black clothing for children. Especially at the holidays. Sometimes it is really difficult to find a pretty holiday dress for a little girl that is not black.

Anyway, I bought the black pumps for work and they are very comfortable. And they really do look more like a dark charcoal...really.

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